Investment Promotional Programme

A portal used to host all virtual conferences and webinars organised by Invest Selangor in its online trade and investment promotional activities. The portal will also host any virtual meetings and business matching sessions with potential partners or investors.

An alternative online format of the annual summit which will run parallel with the physical summit. However, the virtual SIBS will also offer programs and activities beyond the official dates of the physical summit, making it a more comprehensive proposition to the summit stakeholders and participants.

Selangor Information Technology and E-Commerce Council (SITEC) Virtual Hub

Information and webinar hub for programs conducted by the council with the aim of expending to reach of audience internationally. The hub will also become the platform to introduce start-ups who participated in SITEC programs to the international market

An information and interactive Halal business platform which offers assistance to entrepreneurs to comply and apply Halal certification online and to obtain latest updates on the industry from the state authority. The hub also provides the virtual seminar and training programs related to the Halal ecosystem.