Who Should Apply


Any company in Selangor which received
‘Letter of Manufacturing License Approval’ from MITI / MIDA (interim letter)

Why Should You Apply

According to the ‘Letter of Manufacturing License Approval’, MITI / MIDA requires the applicant(s) to obtain a
‘No Objection Letter (NOL) from Selangor State’ before the Manufacturing License can be awarded

Application Guidelines & NOL e-Form

Application Guidelines

1. Please Sign In or Sign Up to apply
2. Complete the NOL e-form
3. Ensure all required supporting documents are attached:
    • Form 9, 24 and 49
    • A list of products (end products) or attached the products catalogue if available
    • A copy of the Letter of Manufacturing License Approval from MITI / MIDA
    • A copy of Land Title / Land Conversion Approval
    • A copy of Certificate of fitness
    • A copy of Sale & Purchase / Tenancy Agreement
    • A copy business licence form local authority
    * All documents must be certified by Company Secretary or Commissioner of Oath