Selangor Aerospace Council

In an effort to be part of such a dynamic industry, Selangor had gathered experts and top players in the aerospace industries that include industry players, academicians, policy makers, representatives of relevant ministries and federal agencies to form the Selangor Aerospace Council in 2016.

Under the spearheading of The Right Honourable Dato' Menteri Besar Selangor (Chief Minister of Selangor), the Selangor Aerospace Council strategically oversees the development of the aerospace industry in Selangor by providing expert opinions, advises and secondary assistance in expediting and ensuring the success of aerospace projects and programmes in the State. The Council is also a testament of Selangor State Government’s active effort in working closely with the federal government to secure Malaysia's position as one of the three main aerospace industry centres the region as it also functions as a mediation between the State and the federal policies, authorities and efforts.