Selangor Darul Ehsan Aerospace Industry Coordination Office (S-DAICO)

Selangor Darul Ehsan Aerospace Industry Coordination Office or S-DAICO is a division under Invest Selangor Berhad and responsible for the coordination, execution, management and monitoring of the Selangor Aerospace Growth, Development as well as promotion.

It roles includes the strategizing and execution of projects with the Selangor
State Government, together with the State Government Linked Companies (GLCs), and the Federal Government and its agencies for the development of the aerospace industry within the state of Selangor, Malaysia.

S-DAICO is intended as the referral and a “one-stop centre” for both foreign and domestic investors in the general Aerospace & Aviation sector and across all sub-clusters such as Electrical and Electronics (E&E), Manufacturing, Research & Development, Technology, Innovation and facilitating on promoting and facilitating the involvement of small and medium enterprises into the global supply chain.

Among its other duties include coordinating with relevant Selangor State bodies and agencies, together with the federal government and its’ agencies on all matters with regards to Aerospace and Aviation including promotion and marketing
of the Aerospace Park within the State of Selangor, Aerospace Trade and Investment, Human Capital Development, Research and Technology (R&T) Development initiatives and OEM Jobs and placement with the SMEs located in the State of Selangor, Malaysia.

S-DAICO also function 
as the ‘Secretariat’ to the Selangor Aerospace Council chaired by The Chief Minister of Selangor.

Selangor Aerospace Action Plan 2020-2030

The state of Selangor has been proactive to support the growth of the aerospace industry and wanted to further develop an action plan that would address the challenges being faced by aerospace companies and provide necessary support systems. In order to achieve that, a comprehensive action plan is being prepared for the aerospace industry in the state of Selangor that sets the direction of further growth and aims to tackle the issues and challenges being faced by the aerospace industry.

The Selangor Aerospace Action Plan has been developed through a series of meetings and discussions with federal and state agencies as well as wider aerospace community to gain input in developing an Action Plan for the aerospace Industry. The action plan is aligned to the Malaysian Aerospace Blueprint 2030 having identified the core sub-sectors such as MRO, aerospace manufacturing, systems integration, engineering & design as well as training & education. It also aims to solve the issues being faced beyond core sectors such as business aviation as well as common issues that affect multiple segments and the wider industry.

The action plan is hence a tool to identify challenges and resolve them in order to reduce the gap and realize the vision set for 2030. The action plan identified, number of issues that need to be tackled at seven key areas namely – infrastructure, regulations, market access, incentives, funding, education & training and few other common initiatives. In total, thirty (30) unique action items have been recognised with seven (7) key areas that will have impact across multiple aerospace segments out of which majority can be taken up by the state while few need federal interventions.

The successful implementation of the action plan needs collaboration between the industry and the government agencies as well as cooperation amongst various agencies as each of the initiatives identified will need to involve various stakeholders.