Invest Selangor Talent Initiative

With more than 170 institutions of higher learning, Invest Selangor is confident that Selangor’s talent pool can cater to every investor’s needs and requirements. In order to further enhance, match and develop our local talent pool, Invest Selangor as part of the state government has established the Invest Selangor Talent Initiative.

Vision & Mission


To create this knowledge economy for the benefit of citizens, business community and public institutions.


To connect industry and education service providers to prepare our talents for a challenging job market and provide them with a competitive package of skills and knowledge to contribute to investing corporations’ success.

In particular, we intend to learn more about supply and demand of human resources in Selangor, match them through new initiatives and adopt a demand-driven education approach.

Finally, Invest Selangor hopes to encourage further collaborations especially focused on joint R&D projects to create a genuine knowledge economy in the most developed state of Malaysia.

More than 50
International Schools

Universities & Colleges

Producing over 60,000
Graduates Per Annum

Largest Multilingual
Workforce 3.6million


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